Cool E Fitness - One Mission:
Help people reach their goals!

Do you know what your goal is?

How close are you to that goal? How much closer will you be tomorrow? How do you know, today, if you were on the path to success? At Cool E Fitness, we provide you a new goal, something tangible perhaps a white water rafting trip or a weekend get away with the family. We give you a goal, a goal that you can earn!


We have worked extremely hard to developed that most unique fitness experience. We know how difficult it is to exercise. Our system is designed for those that struggle. Unlike the traditional fitness system we actually care that you come back tomorrow, and the next day.

How we roll:

  • We give you a goal.
  • We give encourage you to earn it.
  • We provide challenges that you can achieve.
  • We encrouage you to invite your friends.

Just to clarify the process. 1) You pick a goal or adventure. 2) Exercise to one of our 5 disciplines of fitness classes: Yoga, Top Rock, Power Ginga, Pilates, Interval Training. 3) Earn the goal set out for. 4)Do it again, but this time invite a friend who know struggles to reach their goals.

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What do Cool E Fitness Friends get?

  • We film New classes Every Week.
  • Our Instructors are the best in their class.
  • Goal are created so that you WILL EARN them.
  • Our classes teach you real skills like Ginja, or Hip Hop Dance

What does a typical Fitness class look like?

You will log in. Choose the online fitness class of your choice. Then complete it liek a boss. Once you are done you will let the system know how difficult the class was for you (1 = completely owned to 7 = I need to get my skillz up). After your have rated the class you click the completion button which will reward you your points for the day. Once you have earned enough points you can redeem them for an amazing adventure. The more you exercise the faster you can go on your adventure. If you decide you want to earn it faster do it as a group!

For $25 a month you will start achieving your fitness goals. Stoping being the 42 Million other people who stop exercising after two weeks and join the only fitness program that care that you actually achieve your goals!

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