Cool E Fitness Sponsorship

What would it be like to sponsor an athlete? What what would it look like if the athlete was your mom, dad, uncle, best friends, or even better yet YOU?! Well I am sure as a business owner that is exacty why you are here. You want to help change the way we excercise as a community.

Cool E Fitness gives you the opportunity as a small or large business to sponsor someone on their daily struggle to exercise. You have the opportunity to tell this individual that you care about them and their goal for living a healthy more active life style.

Why should you Sponsor someone?

Each person on Cool E Fitness is trying to reach a goal they set for themselves. Their goal is a physical item like an iPad. Each item has a value, for example an item may be worth 600 points. At the end of their workout the person gets to choose a reward (the coupons that businesses provide). By choosing a coupon they either receive 1 point, 5 points or 10 points, based whichever sponsorship level the businesses chose to participate. For example: if you purchased 100 $2/clicks or the “Killing It” level you would be sponsoring 100 people to exercise.

Here is where it gets fun. The majority of people are exercising to earn their goal item. Your business may offer an item or service they really want. So by choosing a lower point value and providing a better coupon the person may choose your coupon because they are more likely going to use the coupon. OR they may go for the points in which case you win TWICE. They get a major reward and they will support you for helping them succeed!

How do you help someone live healthier lifestyle you ask?

Simple. Choose from the following sponsorship models. Each has their own unique benefits to you as a business and the person you are trying to sponsor.

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